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I looked at myself in the mirror and I didn't recognize the person looking back at me. 

I felt like I had lost myself somewhere along the way.

I needed to change.  I needed my spark back.


I had always wanted to be a mom and when we had our daughter, we were over-the-moon excited and grateful.  Those first few months though? So. Many. Challenges. 

After the steep learning curve of that first year, we were finally - thankfully! - in a steady groove. 


I felt like my spark was missing.  


I felt like some days were a re-run marathon of the same show.  I was tired.  When the baby napped I should be cleaning the house from top to bottom, baking a coffee cake, and prepping dinner...and still have tons of energy (I was just at home, after all). Right??


I slowly realized I was living on everyone else's terms and needs. 

I started to understand how heavy I felt.


One day, after dragging myself to my yoga mat in the basement, I silently declared to myself:

“Today is the day. I’m making a change. I want more.”


That was the day that I took control of myself and my health.  

Since then, I’ve uncovered my passion for living my best life.




By implementing a holistic, easy, sustainable daily ritual.

Through this ritual, I’ve created an abundance of energy and a renewed 'zest for life.” 

It feels good. Like kitchen-dance-party-and-giggles-with-your-kid good.


I am passionate about helping others find the same. 

Do you want to find your way back to yourself?

I thought you might ;)


Keep scrolling to find out more.


Before working with Kristin, I had hit a plateau: my drive to accomplish more had resulted in a level of success. But I was running off coffee and ambition, with no solid foundation in terms of my physical, mental, and emotional health. Over the last two years, I’ve hit a number of walls: in addition to running two businesses, I became an instant stepmom to four boys, and a pandemic hit. My stress levels spiked and I lost sight of my own health in the name of providing and producing.


I needed to dig deep on taking care of myself in order to do the work I’m here to do. I asked for Kristin’s help: I knew she was actually thriving through the pandemic and I wanted some of that. My favorite part of Kristin’s coaching is that she meets me exactly where I am and does not judge me (for real, she’s one of the most non-judgmental people I know!). This allows me to be honest with her, but more importantly, honest with myself. She asks gentle questions about my patterns and learned behaviours; her curiosity shines a light on my subconscious self-sabotage so it can air out and breathe, and I can release it and move forward.


Through Kristin’s coaching, I’ve realized that taking steps forward off the plateau is a continual practice. She reminds me that it’s about being present, experimenting on what works, and getting my butt out of bed in the morning (even when hitting “snooze” is so tempting). Kristin walks her talk: she knows that being a mom, a business owner, a partner, and everything else can take its toll, but that it’s really about coming back to ourselves.


I would highly recommend working with Kristin if you’re looking for more in your life! She is a beautiful guiding light who encourages you to be more of you and teaches you how to get back to basics. While you might feel some resistance (after decades of your own repetitive behaviour!), Kristin is able to break down the walls. I’m so grateful for Kristin’s support this year! 

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